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I still love a good backpack…

12 Oct

I love my handbags.. And I’m very fussy with which ones I like .. But while abroad on recent adventures, I tried for the first time a backpack!! Now we’ve all seen backpacks around and some aren’t our favourite .. But I had a snoop around recent collections at my favourite stores and I found some that I really like. I also tried to keep the price down .. We all love a good bargain! 

So here is my variety of styles.. I hope you find something you like! 


I’m a big fan of lots of pockets.. And I love things white and cream.. Unfortunately I’m a bit messy and would probs let this get dirty toooooo quick.. But I’m getting better!!! £27 is a BARG! Although I haven’t tried Yonis before! So let me know how it goes ?! 


I LOVE this.. Beautiful and simple. And this colour is perfect for every season! Quite simply..I LOVE IT.


Also .. If you’re a staple black handbag fan.. Then this is simple with a cheeky bit of edge. Love the chain! 


This cute backpack from accessorize covers a lot of styles .. And I know a lot of you will love it! 


Tassels are my FAVOURITE!!! I love this.. And it’s down to £31?! Yes pleaseeeeee!!! 


I think this is a cute alternative colour.. And I love the pattern on the pockets! 

Another simple elegant bag.. This could be office fashion but also great for casual days too.. It’s also staple black. A winner really.. 


This one is cheap and edgy.. For those of you who like something that stands out more.. 
So have any of you got backpacks? Have you found some shopping that you love?! Send us your pictures by using the hashtag #dailyrubies 

We love you all! 

Love J xxxx 

SPACEOVER .. Give your space a makeover..

5 Oct

A thought came to me the other day as I am looking for a new job at the mo. Grey plastic trays, dusty, broken keyboards and and stacks of paper threatening to topple over and drown you in a river of boring paperwork isn’t exactly a haven for inspiration or ingredients for a productive workflow is it ladies, can I get an amen! For me, organising and being happy with what the space around you looks like is almost, or just as important as working on what you look like. Whats around you gives you ideas, inspires and excites you and gives you the drive to work harder. 

With winter looming around the corner I love finding little things to do to keep you happy about having to be inside more! Whether it’s your office, homework/study desk, cubicle or inspiration station, it deserves a makeover too! And after much experience, being happy with where you work or go to come up with your next genius plan, makes all the difference. If a little something can make you smile while writing that 3000 word essay, whether it’s your new sparkly pen or spanking fresh note pad, its worth it am I right!? I know some of us might be restricted with what we’re allowed to do at work but even a revamp of your pen, mug, paperclip and coaster collection can work wonders! 

I am an absolute sucker for browsing the stationary/home decor isles of every shop going, and of course, my frenimy, pinterest! (frenemy because I love it but it makes me want to climb into one of my boards and live in my perfect pinterest world, it’s a love hate relationship!) Anyway I was browsing one of my absolute new fave shops, The Range, the other day and saw some gorgeous and reasonably priced little things that could transform a dull workplace into your personalised sanctuary of colour and happiness 😉

I hope you give this a try and get those creative juices flowing! let us know how you go! 

ideastage.com for these bad boys but I would try eBay and amazon too! 

I challenge anyone not to smile when they see glittery anything! These cute cup coasters are from ShopBop but looks like a fun DIY project too 🙂

Loads of mega cute ideas on here, the garland is from easy but again, get your DIY on! Having cute family pics up is a must for me, always a guaranteed smile 🙂

Have pictures of things that inspire you! If you want to travel the world or work internationally, have a picture of the world up to remind and inspire you to push harder, cute canvases of your fave quotes and fun cushions always brighten ones day too! 

Just remember.. Style extends to more than just fashion. When we make changes to our environment we can change our motivation, attitude and relationships. 

Have an amazeballs week. Love B xoxo
(REPOST Pictures from Pinterest) 

BALL(in) .. Not once.. Not twice .. 

21 Sep

But 3 times!!  Cinderella would be so jealous. Just 2 weekends .. And 3 balls. That’s a lot of dresses!! It was fun to dress up.. Some more formal than others. 

We thought we’d upload some of our dresses! 

Hannah on the very left is wearing a dress from Mint Velvet, a shop with some stunning dresses! You can search their dresses if you.. Click here!  

Becky wearing the white dress got her dress made on an eBay shop.. If you’re intrestred check her out on eBay. It’s seller ‘nini.lady’ .. She adjusts dresses she has .. With sleeves or whatever you like! 


Me on the right, I got my hands on an old prom dress at a charity shop and took some black net material and just went crazy on the sewing machine! My college textiles days paid off! My main idea of the night was the the slickback ‘Kim Kardashian’ style hair.. You can find a ton of tutorials for this and it’s so easy, I found an easy quick video to follow.. Click here to watch it!

Soph twisted her idea of ‘masquarade ball’ by buying a simple black catsuit, and adding a sheer black skirt. She made her own leather bow and looks INCREDIBLE! See below for more pictures… 



For our ball in Oxford we both picked up nice dresses.. Mine was a bargain at £16.99 at TK MAXX .. It had the most incredible knee high slit on the side.. And soph got hers from Debenhams! 

While we were in Oxford, you might have seen we did some street spotting.. If you didn’t go to @dailyrubies on Instagram to see some of their dresses! 


8 Jan

Well Hello Beautiful People.. 

I have been MIA for quite some time, and now I only have a month before I depart to Greece on my mission!! (http://mormon.org/missionaries)

So I just wanted to welcome you all to the new year. I have been updating the instagram pages. @dailyrubies & @dailyroughdiamonds .. so make sure you follow them! 

So coming into the new year, I LOVE winter fashion.. as you have heard from me before. But at the moment I am particularly loving heavy knit cardi’s & Tartan & Leather.. love that leather is still going.. will it ever die? I hope not! 

Check these few things I found which I love…  boys there is something for you too! ImageImageImageImageImage



4 Sep


I am in LOVE with dungarees right now, and how cute are these from ASOS? New in for £45 , get yours now…


Threading those brows baby

4 Sep

Just a quick one. Eyebrows, they aren’t important until you look after them properly. I am the first to admit I am bias, I haven’t tried all of the different ways – I think they may have been waxed once. But my little lady in the brow bar in town, that does my eyebrows for 5 quid every time, she is amazing! Even when I go thinking they don’t need that much of a tidy she manages to make them look FABULOUS! I deffinatley swear by it.

I would advise getting them done by one of these people (these brow bars are all over the country) but if you are short on cash one time, you can always learn to do it yourself, all you need is cotton thread – so cheap! Here is a youtube link to lean how to do some threading yourself.

I’m out, love xoxo

The Midi Dress

10 Jun

These Midi dresses have been on trend for quite a while now, and it is so nice because they can be worn casual, dressed up, to church, to a formal event (dressed up with jewellery), to work.. you freaking name it!! So the New Look ones have been really popular, they are a fair price and there are loads of patterns to choose from. ( Here is a link to the New Look Midi Dresses > http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/dresses/midi-dresses?trail=1002%3Acat10019%3A22006%3AMidi+Dresses&icCategory=cat10019&bfh_gp=1&bfh_ps=100 )

And here are some of my favourites! I love the ranges between the high necks, the different sleeve lengths.. New Look have got really experimental! And some are so spring, love the lemon colour and the pale grey. Love Love Love!!287304704280570649281792847

Here are also a few from ASOS I saw recently that are really nice.



There are some nice ones that are more girly and cute, and then there are some ones that are a bit more androgynous…

The style that is my favourite is when there is a midi dress worn with a beanie hat and some small trainers, and some long hair and red lip! But that’s a more style based on Rihanna/ Rita Ora/ Cassie Ventura. But they are my style icons – not up most people’s street.

The plain ones can look really nice with a chunky gold necklace and some sky high heels!

Another favourite look for me is with a leather jacket and some nice sandals.

REPOST: Made in Wales, I mean Chelsea

1 May


(Here is the repost for the blog from Lauren)

Good Afto’ all. (Proper English Version)
I am so excited for this post. I could Pardy with a D, (and now I need one). But I am so excited for 3 reasons.
1. I get to introduce to you one of my FAV people.
2. It will be my FIRST GUEST BLOGGER.


So here we have Lauren, living in Wales currently, 17, and she’s fun with a simple, easy but edgy style. She’s wild, you’ll love her, so Lauren…

“Right what the fetch do I write?

Firstly, what you need to know… is that my interest for fashion comes and goes, some days I will find myself deep in a time wasting pinterest cave planning every outfit out from now till eternity. And then some days I will wear virtually the same outfit to college 4 days in a row and change how I did my hair or something.

However, despite my lack of dedication to fashion, and my lack of funds, there are a few things that I can count on to rescue any outfit I throw together, and most of them inspired by the illustrious and luke-warm talent of the “Made in Chelsea” cast. Yes, MIC is my guilty pleasure, not because of the dubious acting, but the style, what I love about it, is that it exudes class, not of the social kind, but the standards kind, it’s so easy to be modest and still have a killer outfit when following in the footsteps of some of these ladies. AND you do not have to rinse your bank accounts to do it. So, without further ado, these are some of my fave Chelsea inspired looks:


So chuffed with my black studded boots purchase! At first I didn’t have the guts to take these babies out for a spin, but they can be a statement piece in an outfit so they are so handy when you need to make a quick decision! I picked up my pair from Miss Selfridges.

(Check out these amazing deals! Ebay is great for this sort of thing..)guohjukyt7y


I got a mixed reaction from my friends when i purchased one of these hats from a vintage boutique, maybe some of them failed to realise that I am not trying to protect my face from the sun, but that this is a tremendously elegant look. It’s so feminine but can easily be paired with the studded boots or this leather jacket (which is also a must).


This isn’t the best picture but it’s all I could find of my shabby chic friend the green parka being worn by Caggie from the show, I got mine from fat face and it is probably the most worn item of clothing in my wardrobe. The versatility of this jacket makes it my actual life saver, I can dress it up and dress it down… and as a definite perk, it’s freaking toasty!


Millie mackintosh, possibly my favourite person on MIC rocks fur like no other, it’s never tacky, or over done and I never had any inclination towards the material until I saw that it lined nearly every one of her jackets or coats. Now, if I’m feeling particularly bold I can whap out a faux fur stole and immediately the outfit reeks of class.

The Chelsea blow-dry, one of my absolute favourite hair dos ifasdasd you have the time, and know how to it can turn your hair in to a sumptuous, elegant look for any length hair. Very easy to do, just using a radial brush and some rollers, you can create elegant waves that defy gravity, and if you’re looking for a more dressed up look, you can add some curls to the end. My love for all things Chelsea led me to Kate Middleton, who has become my absolute icon, so much so that i basically based my whole Prom ensemble on an outfit i saw her wearing at the War Horse Premier.


As much as I would have loved to get hold of this stunning Alice Temperly gown, i nearly wept when I found my dress from Jane Norman for only £48, then paired my gown with a classic Chelsea blow-dry and voila, you have my homage to Kate Middleton, which in a delightfully royal turn of events, landed me prom queen. Can’t go wrong with a Chelsea inspired look. ”

AND THERE WE HAVE IT. Love her as much as me?!

If you haven’t caught up on MADE IN CHELSEA you better start. It’s the bomb shizzle.

Lots of love Jessica B xoxox

REPOST: Dinner date with Laura Vousden

1 May





(This is transferred from the old blog..)

Good Afternoon my beautiful people.

This blog is all about ‘going out to dinner’ wear and I feel priviuiylaged to introduce to you Laura Vousden from Devon, England. She has AMAZING style and you can catch her on instagram @laurvous but I repost most of her outfits anyway.. haha! But anyway, I am excited for this!

So over to Laura…

“It would be no exaggeration to say that I literally leap at any chance I have to doll up, and what more of a perfect excuse to dust off that glam outfit than by going out to dinner. Whether you’re going out to Nando’s with the girls or being fine dined by someone special there’s more often than not an outfit panic, and the questions that I often find myself wondering are; ‘is this too dressy?’ or ‘is this too casual?’

When wondering what I could possibly advise anyone on what to wear, the first thing that came to my mind were blazer’s. I literally live in blazer’s (not the trainer type, the jacket type) they can dress up an otherwise casual outfit or do the opposite and dress down a more glam outfit. Okay, so as soon as you read the word ‘blazer’ some of you might have got the image in your head of ‘the female suit’ *shudder*. BUT do not despair; because that is definitely not the look I am recommending you should go for when out to dinner. Trust me blazers can look pretty darn cute!

One of the many reasons why I love a good blazer is because there are so many ways of wearing one and it’s pretty easy to glam up a casual outfit and vice versa.

A more casual approach:lauar

Accessories are key to that perfect casual but not too casual blazer look, if you team a plain t-shirt with a blazer, statement jewellery is a must! Statement necklaces are really in at the moment so you would be bang on trend. Though another idea is to wear a simpler necklace with big statement earrings. For the casual look I would stick to more cotton based material underneath the blazer as it will make the outfit look and feel more structured and if you stick to this as a guideline your guaranteed not to be wondering if you look too dressy.


A dressier look:

One thing that I absolutely love doing is teaming a casual boyfriend blazer with a cute dress (as displayed by the gorgeous Blake Lively) this will instantly tone down the formality of the dress but still leave you looking utterly glam. Underneath the blazer I would recommend softer material rather than the jersey t-shirts in the casual look. A chiffon blouse or dress would take away the sharpness of the blazer and create a more elegant and romantic look.




Blazer’s are really easy to get hold of and one of my favourite places to get mine is H&M but of course most high street shops sell them. Forever 21 have a really wide variety of colour and style, so they’re well worth checking out. “



Thank’s Laura, I am sure you will hear from her again! Love Jessica xoxo

GIRL CRUSH: Kim Kardashian

30 Apr

So in dedication to one of my guilty pleasures, I decided to write a blog on Kim Kardashian, I find it unexplainable to state why I love her and am interested in stalking her family on instagram because I agree they are famous through news stunts and reality TV. But somehow I see a little bit of a strong sdaaaindependent woman and a close knit family and justify why I love them so much, allowing myself to stalk her, just a little bit.

So for a start Kim is a girl crush of mine, she keeps her hair always looking beautiful and I am in LOVE with her Aaliyah side fringe that she had recently! She is also always one for trying different hair styles such as this plait one from the New Year’s just gone and this AMAZNG quiff back from 2012.







Kim is a massive inspiration for me body wise, I like that she isn’t slim and she is SO beautiful, so it is putting someone to aspire to look like that isn’t a size zero model.. Always good. She has a great hour glass figure, and she knows how to dress to suit this figure, accentuating her curves and minimalizing her waist. The Kardashians have actually got their own clothing range (Dash) but have also opened a line overin England as part of the Dorothy Perkins stores under ‘Kardashian Kollection’.

kardashWithin the Kollection, my favourite piece is defiantly the Cream Crepe Blazer, this is extremely flattering, going in at the right places and read the coming up (repost) blog with Laura V with some ideas on how to wear it!!

On Sears where you get the ‘Dash’ boutique clothing I amcropvl in love with the Smokey jacket. (I seem to have a thing for jackets!!) There is also a faux fur knit vest and a jump suit that I see could work some good outfits. Check it out .. (Click picture for link)

Lastly, picking some of my favourite outfits I have seen her in, just from the press, (which is my FAV, she dresses way better than the clothes you can buy from her!! Maybe that’s down to Kanye..). anyway here are some of my favourites! Enjoy, because she knows exactly how to wear a knee length bodycon dress, gold bracelets and belts, knee high boots, bring colours, high waisted and leather trousers!

Screen-shot-2012-11-25-at-9_16_13-AMLord+Taylor+Celebrates+Fashion+Night+Out+2012+Cq0k4wTy47hlKim-Kardashian-In-a-Completely-White-Outfit-at-the-BET-Awards-1kimkkim-k-12kim-kardashian-bracelets-467Kim Kardashian Shops In StyleKanye+west+Kim+Kardashian+get+ice+cream+before+WIibzoI-l46l

There is so much to love from her style! Anyway, lots of love Jessica B xoxo