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SPACEOVER .. Give your space a makeover..

5 Oct

A thought came to me the other day as I am looking for a new job at the mo. Grey plastic trays, dusty, broken keyboards and and stacks of paper threatening to topple over and drown you in a river of boring paperwork isn’t exactly a haven for inspiration or ingredients for a productive workflow is it ladies, can I get an amen! For me, organising and being happy with what the space around you looks like is almost, or just as important as working on what you look like. Whats around you gives you ideas, inspires and excites you and gives you the drive to work harder. 

With winter looming around the corner I love finding little things to do to keep you happy about having to be inside more! Whether it’s your office, homework/study desk, cubicle or inspiration station, it deserves a makeover too! And after much experience, being happy with where you work or go to come up with your next genius plan, makes all the difference. If a little something can make you smile while writing that 3000 word essay, whether it’s your new sparkly pen or spanking fresh note pad, its worth it am I right!? I know some of us might be restricted with what we’re allowed to do at work but even a revamp of your pen, mug, paperclip and coaster collection can work wonders! 

I am an absolute sucker for browsing the stationary/home decor isles of every shop going, and of course, my frenimy, pinterest! (frenemy because I love it but it makes me want to climb into one of my boards and live in my perfect pinterest world, it’s a love hate relationship!) Anyway I was browsing one of my absolute new fave shops, The Range, the other day and saw some gorgeous and reasonably priced little things that could transform a dull workplace into your personalised sanctuary of colour and happiness 😉

I hope you give this a try and get those creative juices flowing! let us know how you go! for these bad boys but I would try eBay and amazon too! 

I challenge anyone not to smile when they see glittery anything! These cute cup coasters are from ShopBop but looks like a fun DIY project too 🙂

Loads of mega cute ideas on here, the garland is from easy but again, get your DIY on! Having cute family pics up is a must for me, always a guaranteed smile 🙂

Have pictures of things that inspire you! If you want to travel the world or work internationally, have a picture of the world up to remind and inspire you to push harder, cute canvases of your fave quotes and fun cushions always brighten ones day too! 

Just remember.. Style extends to more than just fashion. When we make changes to our environment we can change our motivation, attitude and relationships. 

Have an amazeballs week. Love B xoxo
(REPOST Pictures from Pinterest) 

Out with the NEW and in with the OLD?

28 Sep

Out with the [NEW] and in with 

the [OLD]?

Last night I found the perfect quote to sum up what I’ve learnt over the past few weeks;

You see, fashion is what is offered to you throughout the four seasons of the year. Style is what you do with what you buy – or even, what you already own. Anyone can buy fashion, in fact every one can buy the same fashion. But only you can create your own style and pull it off the way you do.  

Let me give you a few personal examples; 

“My New Coat.”

Remember when I told you all about the Debenhams offer and how a new coat was at the top of my ‘to buy’ list? Well, the truth is, it only made its way there when I saw a variety of gorgeous coats coming into all the shops. I didn’t need a new coat – heck, I don’t even have space in my wardrobe for another one! Of course I still went and tried a load on and made a purchase, it was maroon and had a detachable fur collar… #winning! The problem is that when I put it on to wear to work the next morning, it just didn’t look good. Like, at all. I ended up pulling my old, black, fur collared coat out and wearing that instead. It looked and felt a lot better. I’ll return that new coat tomorrow (of course I took a photo in it for you first.) 

“My new dress”

Another one to be returned. When trying this dress on in store, I thought ‘this is cool, this is fashionable, this will be great to use on the blog!’ WRONG. Once I put it on again at home, I saw that really it was much too long and didn’t fit my body right – and let’s face it, no item of clothing is cool, fashionable or blog worthy when it does nothing for your figure. From the side it looked okay (hense the picture being a side view – with the slit too!) but I can’t side step all day! Somehow I still fell into the trap of thinking ‘well, maybe I just need new shoes to make it work. Perhaps, a new chunky necklace or better yet, a scarf?’ If only I had the money for all of that! Luckily I was saved yesterday when I wore a 3 year old dress (an old favourite of mine) to church that made me realise that sometimes you just can’t beat a classic! 

Lastly, “ My new sleeveless jacket”

I basically got carried away in the excitement of having money left over at the end of last month and bought everything that caught my eye. I still love this brown fur/black knitted back gilet (especially the price!) but with a trip to Barcelona, Christmas and my Au/NZ/Tahiti Adventure coming up, I figured it didn’t look good enough to justify the expenditure. I wanted to wear it with my new camel polo neck top but instead, I wore that with an old sheep skin effect jacket that’s so old, I couldn’t actually tell you how long I’ve had it!   


   Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fashion and it continues to inspire me. The variety, constant change and evolution of it will always excite me. But what also excites me is being able to resurrect old clothes so I can be fashionable, work my own style and still have a bit of money left in the bank.

And as Marc Jacob says anyway;

Don’t forget to upload your #ootd and tag us @dailyrubies & #morepreciousthanrubies . We especially want to see you rocking your old faithfuls this week! 
Love, hugs & fairy dust

SJ xo 
Maroon Coat. £59 Redherring @ Debenhams

Terracotta Dress £30 H&M

Brown Fur Gilet £30 H&M 

BALL(in) .. Not once.. Not twice .. 

21 Sep

But 3 times!!  Cinderella would be so jealous. Just 2 weekends .. And 3 balls. That’s a lot of dresses!! It was fun to dress up.. Some more formal than others. 

We thought we’d upload some of our dresses! 

Hannah on the very left is wearing a dress from Mint Velvet, a shop with some stunning dresses! You can search their dresses if you.. Click here!  

Becky wearing the white dress got her dress made on an eBay shop.. If you’re intrestred check her out on eBay. It’s seller ‘nini.lady’ .. She adjusts dresses she has .. With sleeves or whatever you like! 


Me on the right, I got my hands on an old prom dress at a charity shop and took some black net material and just went crazy on the sewing machine! My college textiles days paid off! My main idea of the night was the the slickback ‘Kim Kardashian’ style hair.. You can find a ton of tutorials for this and it’s so easy, I found an easy quick video to follow.. Click here to watch it!

Soph twisted her idea of ‘masquarade ball’ by buying a simple black catsuit, and adding a sheer black skirt. She made her own leather bow and looks INCREDIBLE! See below for more pictures… 



For our ball in Oxford we both picked up nice dresses.. Mine was a bargain at £16.99 at TK MAXX .. It had the most incredible knee high slit on the side.. And soph got hers from Debenhams! 

While we were in Oxford, you might have seen we did some street spotting.. If you didn’t go to @dailyrubies on Instagram to see some of their dresses! 

Sunday Funday ❤️

31 Aug


Today was an emotional day. After two years, five months, two weeks and two days we have finally been reunited! Two missions and a gap year later we are finally back in each others arms and loving life 🙂 What a blessing it is to have such amazing friends and family that make it so hard to be apart from one another.

For years now we have loved dressing up and finding priceless bargs together and Sunday’s are one of our fave days to whack out our Sunday best and strut our stuff! Here Jess is sporting a gorgeous dress originally from M&S that she bought from Molly’s Den, a cornucopia of vintage second hand gems, for £10! (Search Molly’s Den on Google to find your nearest one, you won’t regret it!) Soph has on H&M top and bottom and is looking luuuush! H&M have some absolutely lush pieces at the mo at really affordable prices, just rummage through the million rails and don’t get dismayed! Bec on the right bought that spotty little number from a delish little shop in a beach town in Australia called Byron Bay, two amazing women bought so many dresses and fixed them up, re-hemmed them and added the elastic around waist to make them more flattering and divine! It set her back $60 which is only a mere £30 ish! Never be intimidated by vintage and charity shops, they often have questionable carpets, a scary amount of rails and colours but there are always hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, altered transformed and shown off! so don’t give up!! Tag us to show us your op shop bargs!! 



Summer is ending..

28 Aug

and I love this jumper dress in ASOS!!! I think I might have to get myself one of them…  

Product code 632841 £40 ASOS. 
Just click the imagine to be taken to the site.

ringing in the new years with faux fur, rainbows, and star-shine

8 Jan

Love her daring fashion!

for the love of nike

NEW YEARS 2014 attire

NEW YEARS 2014 attire

NEW YEARS 2014 attire

NEW YEARS 2014 attire

NEW YEARS 2014 attire

NEW YEARS 2014 attire

NEW YEARS 2014 attire

NEW YEARS 2014 attire

NEW YEARS 2014 attire

NEW YEARS 2014 attire

2014 new years

2014 new years

2014 new years
New Year’s Eve is a great excuse to dress up in your fancy-smanshy clothes. I wore my new aluminum jewelry from the Art Institute in Chicago with my favorite black velvet dress. Throw in my long beaded gloves from Target and a faux fur hat from Canada and you’re ready to ring in the new year! But don’t forget the lipstick…super red Dior Addict Gloss will do the trick. Then top the outfit off with the Fashion Week Tokyo Sky Hi Sneakers and you’re golden! (or should I say iridescent?)
The photographs of light posted above are from on of my latest trips back into Chicago. Can you spot the number 4 that’s hiding in the middle of one of the pictures? I think that means good luck in 2014!

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8 Jan

Well Hello Beautiful People.. 

I have been MIA for quite some time, and now I only have a month before I depart to Greece on my mission!! (

So I just wanted to welcome you all to the new year. I have been updating the instagram pages. @dailyrubies & @dailyroughdiamonds .. so make sure you follow them! 

So coming into the new year, I LOVE winter fashion.. as you have heard from me before. But at the moment I am particularly loving heavy knit cardi’s & Tartan & Leather.. love that leather is still going.. will it ever die? I hope not! 

Check these few things I found which I love…  boys there is something for you too! ImageImageImageImageImage

I Respect These Female Heroes So Much More With Tiny Waists And Sparkly Dresses! LOL J/K

22 Nov

An article I thought was worth sharing.. 




20 Nov




Doesn’t she look so good?! I love the vintage style, low key but fab with the red lips. And I love her eyebrows!! #eyebrowenvy

Fashion Mission: Winter White Coats!

4 Nov