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London Fashion Week!

27 Jun

The long awaited… London Fashion Week blog!  So I think I have taken so long to do this for two reasons.

  1. I am still sad about the departure of Sister Sophie Turvey who was my partner on this day!
  2. I was so excited but was slightly disappointed – but only a little! (read below to find out more)

So yay.. London, freaking love London! Love the business, getting the tube (with my sexy oyster card), and I loveeee the diversity of the place! Me and my gal got up fairly early drove into London parked up and tubed into the heart of London.

As we started to find our way to Somerset House, we got a little lost, being from out in the sticks, but we just followed all the fashionable people! (There are so many that SO aren’t.. haha)

When we got there it was a beautiful destination – loved the courtyard and what not. There was a main stall in the middle with Toni and Guy doing hair – 3 choices of hair which looked cool for people to have a try and then cheap designer stuff everywhere, and small designer names trying to get some recognition. Some things where cool but I so didn’t have enough money still. £400 for a purse, is still not cheap enough for me! I have my Mulberry and that is enough for me for now! And also, I didn’t even take that with me, I was carrying my cute Vintage bag that I picked up from a Charity Store for £5 !!! I LOVE CHARITY SHOPS! It’s literally in immaculate condition too.

So me and Soph walked around all the stalls and saw some really beautiful items of clothing, If I had a couple grand on me – It would have been my favourite day! But Soph saving for a mission and me buying a car – didn’t really mean we had much which was a shame.  But we wanted to go for the fashion show. There was a pink pair of stiletto heels – so tiny and hard to walk in – that I wanted to buy but I wasn’t quick enough and someone bought the last ones in my size. Then me and Soph didn’t see anything worth our pennies (and we enjoyed a reallllly yummy Nandos later after a day of no food.. shhh don’t tell)



We picked up our free bag and bought the Elle magazine and we headed over with our Vodaphone VIP wristbands – shoutout to Russ you the bomb! And got seated – and this is why I wasn’t impressed. The person to left of me was a Mum who did not give two tosses about fashion, I’m pretty sure she was wearing bootleg jeans that were two tight and hiking boots with a winter fleece, sitting with her little 10 year old daughter, I was starting to wish I went to the exclusive event but luckily when the models started coming out I did enjoy some of the collections.  The models strutted their stuff and showed off the best of what they could in the short space they had to show. The hair wasn’t all that impressive, just mainly slick back top knots – but they are pretty fashionable at the moment, shame I have a huge head and can’t pull them off really! Notice in the pictures the Asian inspired collection this was by my favourite. I also love the loud colours inserted to different outfits, I did pick a few things out that I would love to wear. – similar to the Oxford Satchels in neon colours that Sophie fell in loveeee with on one of the stalls.




There was also this beautiful stall with hair pieces with crazy flowers that were all hand crafted and was so beautiful.. these are our best sneaky shots we tried to get. My favourite stall!! (see the pictures below)




Last off… Zoe Hardman was the host of London Fashion Week.. she looked so cute in this Beige coloured jumpsuit with bright orange heels. And here are me’nd Sophie’s OOTD’s! ❤


Overall it was a pretty good day & I’d go again! Lots of Love xoxo

SPRING Woodland Design

2 May

Soooo, my blog is a little delayed but wanted to write one about the IMG_6329Spring collection of Woodland Design! As you guys know my friend is the guy that designs and sells it all and I think his clothes are sickkkk! ( And not just because I took the pictures 😉 haha)

Anyway, here are the things that are NOW available to buy on his Big Cartel website!

My favourite has to be the crazy veg stuff, he is so unique, I actually have the jumper with the corn logo thing on it. But check out his tops, boxers and even leggings! I loveeeeee it!

And everyone needs a classic beanie.. I admit I have a couple different colours. Get on it! Here are my favvv snaps..
















21 Mar


Come on Springgggg, it’s nearly here! Unleash those colour’s to make the sun smile. I realy love skirts at the moment, I promise I will try harder to wear them! (I always opt for a dress normally when I’m going away or need something). What are you favourite skirts? What do you wear them with? Tag @dailyrubies on instagram or @newfashionfury on twitter.

Kisses Jessica Beaux oxox