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BALANCED for 2016..

6 Jan

I don’t usually write anything about Apps but I just want to share with you one of my favourite apps that I have downloaded on my phone. I use an iPhone but I’m sure the same app, or something similar will be available on android and so forth.. 
It’s called ‘Balanced’ and it’s just what you need this New Year! It looks smooth and modern (I have a real pet hate for old fashioned looking apps) and you can customise it! 

BASICALLY you can add things you want to do, how often, and choose a little app to represent it.. For example.. ‘Gym – 3 times – every week’ and ‘ Budget & Money Review – 1 time – every month’ and whatever you want.. And they all go onto your ‘Balance’ list. You click the app and swipe right to say you’ve done it and HEY PRESTO. 

You can set it to remind you when you’re late.. And it will keep track of how balanced you are. I’m slacking recently .. But January is the month for Self Improvement! 

So is there a few things you can’t seem to find time to do because you’re on Netflix or you’re scrolling Facebook too much?! Get this for a a couple quid and start making a list .. Gym, Read, Play an Instrument, Watch a TED talk, Meditate etc.. 

I highly recommend it. Get it now in App Stores near you (just kidding.. It’s a click away on your phone!!).

Love Jessica xx