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Chalk Sensation!

21 Dec

 I was doing my boring routinely house clean last week and I happily came across this pack of 32 hair chalks the hubby got me for Christmas last year! (I don’t know why he felt the need to buy soo many but it means more playing for me!)

I was throwing a surprise birthday party for him that evening so I decided to go crazy and try one out. I love having a fun change and hey, why not 🙂

Hair chalks are perf for a temporary bit of fun without being stuck with bright blue hair or running the risk of it going the complete wrong colour or worse… patchy! I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had my fair share of bad hair experiences when you’re 15 ish and it’s a fun Friday night activity to bleach your hair with a £5 boots own jobby! I’ve sported orange, black, patchy, stripy, the works! Also for those of you who are in school/workplaces that wouldn’t be thrilled if you turned up rocking bright pink hair then this is for you!

Anyway after a little research I have found that you can use hair chalks on any hair type and colour which is awesome! If you have darker hair dampen your hair first or what I did for a really vibrant colour was actually run the chalk under the tap then colour your hair with it, then it comes out kind of like paint. Although if you are pretty blonde like yours truly, if you do dampen your hair/the chalk first, be warned it will stain for like, 3/4 washes! But I loved it, it was fun that it gradually faded out 🙂 I found it easiest to pick out individual pieces of hair and start from the top to make sure it’s all covered, when it dries you can gently brush it so that it all blends together or just shake your head a bit so it falls nicely together. Make sure you check the back and sides with a mirror so you don’t end up like Cruella Deville! Unless that’s what you’re going for 😀

I just went for a cheeky pinky/purple all over (that’s me below in the pics with the birthday cake and with the green jumper on at the beach!) but I’ve found these amazeballs pictures below where people have done more multi coloured/ombre looks which I am absolutely loving, deffo going to try that next time! Let’s be honest, I’m not running low! If you slightly backcomb the hair where you want to blend multi colours, it will blend much easier so it’s not just one straight line. Press very lightly when blending the colours and it’ll be beaut! 

Sam got these badboys from Ebay and they were only a reasonably £6 for all of them! I know they sell them occasionally in shops such as Boots, Superdrug and Primark but good old Ebay is there for you 24/7 so I would definitely recommend these ones for value and ease!

We would love to see pictures of any creations you lovlies come up with! Send them in and hashtag #DailyRubies!  


To keep or not to keep, that is the question. 

7 Dec

If you didn’t already know, December is one of the best months for a wardrobe clear out, and this can be for a number of reasons. 

Perhaps you need to make room for the clothes you’re getting for Christmas, or maybe you’re planning to indulge in the January sales or even it could be that, like me, you have to finally take your dresses out of your younger brother’s wardrobe (oops!) 

Whatever the reason, do it now! 

I know, it’s a long, arduous task, often a trip down memory lane too. It can even get emotional if you’ve gotten too attached to your five year old jeans. Nevertheless, it needs to be done. 

My problem has always been striking the balance between being ruthless and being, quite frankly, irrational. You don’t want to spend hours sorting through your wardrobe for it to still be full or even worse, that it’s completely empty and you have to wear the very outfit you wore when clearing it out for the next month (which usually is pyjamas or sweats right? Ugh!) 

Tonight as I went through the dresses that have indeed been lodging in my younger brother’s wardrobe for atleast a year now, I asked myself the following questions to help me decide; 

1). Does it fit? 
2). Is it modest? 
3). Have I worn it in the last 3 months? 
4). Have I worn it in the last 6 months? 
5). Do I have an occasion OR specific accessories/jackets etc to go with this item? 

Let me explain a little bit why. 

1). Does it fit? 
My weight has fluctuated my entire life. I AM that person that says ‘I’ll keep this for when I’ve lost weight again’ – even when I’ve already said that at least 6 times! Sometimes we just need to accept and embrace our body and wear clothes that fit and flatter! Or when you’ve lost weight and something’s too big you think ‘it’ll be okay with a belt’ … NO! Wearing clothes that are too big will make it easier to fill them out again. Plus, what better way to celebrate your weight loss than with a new, fancy dress to show off your great new figure?

2). Is it modest? 
Modest clothes, thankfully, are becoming more accessible… IF you search for them! Often, we keep immodest clothes that we intend to ‘make modest’ to wear but the reality is, with a choice of a dress that’s modest or a dress that you have to alter and layer to make modest, you’re always going to go for the easier, comfier and more ‘it’s meant to be like this’ piece that doesn’t require extra effort. Of course, if it’s going to be simple to make it modest, keep it! Sometimes a jacket or sleeve can enhance rather than destroy a trend. (Keep an eye out for my post in 3 weeks about simple ways to make clothing modest!) 

3). Have I worn it in the last 3 months? 
3 months is probably the longest you should go without wearing something – I mean nobody has 90 shirts to rotate through right? (If you do, please share!) If you have worn the item within three months then keep it, you’ll wear it in the next couple of months too. If you haven’t, head straight to question four. 

4). Have I worn it in the last 6 months? 
Ladies, if the answer is no, just let it go! If you haven’t worn it within 6 months, it obviously doesn’t fit, isn’t modest or you simply just don’t like it very much. Don’t feel bad, it doesn’t have feelings so it won’t be offended, just throw it out! If you have worn it within the last 6 months, give it one month to be worn – if it doesn’t make it out of the wardrobe, then you know it’s time to take it out permanently. 
5). Do I have accessories/jackets etc to go with this item? 
There’s not much worse than having a beautiful blouse or skirt or dress but nothing to wear it with! No matter how gorgeous the item is, it will cause more frustration and disappointment than it’s worth. 
Here of some pictures of how many dresses I managed to get rid of using these questions… As well as how much clothing I still have left! 

(To go) 

(To stay) – just need to find room for these in my actual wardrobe!! 
I feel refreshed and ready for a more stylish, more modest, more refined new year! 
Love always, 
SJ xo 

P.s -> don’t forget that any good quality clothes you’re getting rid of can now earn you money too! Check out our second hand clothing page
P.p.s -> for your rejects that aren’t fit for selling, please still get in touch! We can use them to raise money for ‘Tumaini’s Childrens Charity’ which sponsors a school in Kenya! To find out more, click this link