NEW Clothes Swap!! 

30 Nov

We all have clothes we are bored of right?! That’s why we want to introduce to you our new second hand clothes site where you can buy second hand & vintage items (and things that will be modest or easily made modest). 

So where did we get this crazy idea? 

As a trio, we used to spend weekends getting together and doing crazy things but a Saturday morning was always dedicated to going to the local charity shop (Discoveries in a little place called Yateley was our fav!) and digging out hidden gems. Sometimes we would find the perfect vintage items, sometimes things that needed a little work and inspired us and sometimes recent trends that people were throwing. But last season is SO this season. Vintage and Second Hand clothing is actually a huge trend now! After a little research we realised the Vintage Fashion world has been becoming increasingly popular over the past 20 years.. Some top models and celebrities have been seen rocking vintage peices and we’ve jumped on the bandwagon! The trends have even extended to furniture – and we aren’t just talking ‘vintage’ we are talking just second hand furniture and upcycling. Why not save a few pennies and wear second hand clothes and do-up second hand furniture .. One woman’s junk.. Is another woman’s treasure!! We’ve been clothes swapping amongst us 3 for 10 years now! 

SOOOO.. We have a plan! A HUGE CLOTHES SWAPPING SITE.. Basically an online, second hand clothes site, where you can buy things that pick your fancy for low prices.. Expensive things.. And cheap things and everything in between!  Our site will include a feature that if you have some good quality items of any style that are modest or easily layered to be modest we will buy them off you, and sell them at our page (

More Precious Than Rubies – New & Second Hand Clothing Trade

Please contact us at or at our individual Facebook Mail accounts if you have items you’d like to swap and trade! 

We think this is a great idea for us to save money, share our modest fashion finds and share our style! So take a look at the page and the ideas and over the next few weeks we will upload the hundreds of items we already have in stock! Just make sure you become a member of the page so you can see what items are going for sale. 

We love you all! 

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