Pretty Poppies 

9 Nov

Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have purchased and worn a poppy. Now, at 22 years old, I’ve realised that I had no idea why. Probably just because it looks smart, right? I mean yeah, I knew it was associated with the War (which one though?) and I did it out of respect and gratitude towards the soldiers. But I definitely didn’t know where exactly my money would. 
This year as I stood outside Sainsbury’s selling poppies – again, out of an ignorant willingness to help, I decided I should probably know why I was really doing it. 

‘Bloomsbury News Blog’ says; 

‘Poppies are red flowers which usually only grow on land which has been disturbed. Poppy seeds can lie in the ground for years but will only blossom when the land is torn apart. During World War I, there were many battles in Northern France and Flanders (western Belgium) and most of the buildings, roads and even trees disappeared. However, every year when the weather started to get warm, poppies grew in the fields where battles were taking place and they brought colour and hope to the soldiers who were still fighting. Poppies have become a symbol of our remembrance of those who lost their lives in wars and people wear them to show that they are remembering. A charity called the ‘Poppy Appeal’ was set up by the Royal British Legion to raise money for people whose lives have been affected by war.’ 

Now, poppies are a symbol of hope. A testimony to me that amongst our trials, there are blessings. That despite the trauma throughout the world, there is beauty. 

The money itself goes towards programmes such as; care homes, poppy calls, breaks for the families of military officers, war pensions and compensation service and the battle back centre. All of these aim to strengthen and support current and retired members of the armed forces along with their families. To find out more about any of them, visit 

& now, what does this have to do with a fashion blog? Well, look at the varieties of poppy merchandise you can use to accessorise any outfit! 


You’ve still got a couple of days to support the cause this year. Poppies are available to purchase at most supermarkets and convenience stores. All donations are appreciated – no merchandise is specially priced although reasonable donations should be given.
How will you wear your poppy with pride? 

Love, SJ xo 

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