2 Nov

There is a billion things going through my mind today.. including the fact I started a NEW JOB! I’m back in the office and that means I can dress up!! SO .. expect a blog about that in a few weeks.. 
TODAY .. I wanted to reflect about how I used my time while being unemployed. So I got back from being abroad as a missionary for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and coming home I was on the job hunt.. but it proved so much harder than I imagined!! Whilst searching (those painful hours of applying for work online), I picked up a hobby – Up-cycling old furniture!! It has been so fun! .. AND it’s not stopping, I am carrying on in my evenings and on weekends. It brings in extra cash, it keeps me off too much screen time, and it is so therapeutic! The first few times I had to drag myself out to the garage to start, but now I am on a roll and I have done a fair few little projects! 
I’ve been using a lot of chalk paint – because you don’t have to use primer and I love the effect!! You can double layer – (one colour underneath, and one on top, and then distress – really nice with black underneath!), you can just buy a block colour and coat it off with wax to get a modern chic look, you can paint drawers, chairs, bathroom cabinets! The choices are endless, and if its not going to be bashed around too much, then top it off with wax (my favourite) and VOILA!
 Here are some recent projects of mine.. 

This was given to me free! I just sanded down a few grooves, slapped on some delicious green paint and got a beautiful new knob at the range and how cute is this little side table now?!  

I got this chair for £2 at the dump. I ripped off the material and sanded it down.. That took some time. But after painting it. I distressed it with a blue top coat. It’s now a beautiful statement chair! 

This one was a dump buy again £2, with a lick of paint and some new knobs at the range this is now a cute cupboard for a tasteful bathroom or even in another room! 

I’ll have to keep you updated with my next projects.. I’ve got a huge piece that I’m currently working on! A big unit with basket drawers! It’ll be AMAZING once finished.. 

So my message to you today.. is DO IT! Those of you who wanted to do some pieces of furniture.. go to the dump.. buy something, do it up! If it’s not up cycling you want to do.. do that! Give yourself an hour to do it, DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE! 
I wish you a happy week ahead ladies and gents. 
Love Jessica xxxx

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