Coats On My Mind..

26 Oct

I have found myself spending far too much time over the past few weeks browsing for the perfect coat, the struggle is so real! I have been working on getting the coat of my dreams now for, no lie, years.

You know when you see that flawless senorita strutting her stuff down the high street in her paradisiacal winter wear, making class look like the most simple thing in the world with that little smile on her face. I am convinced it’s because she has found happiness within the warm embrace of the perfect coat!
The decisions! Should I try and make puffy cool and bask in my warmth? Should I go blazer-like chic and risk being cold? Should I go long and thin and risk looking like i’m about to bust out the Full Monty?

How can I be expected to make these decisions that can potentially be detrimental to not only my fashion cred, but my happiness and bank balance!
As usual, I have turned to Pinterest, my bessie mate. Here are a few gems I have come across
Inline image 2
There is no denying this little lady looks gorge, but while browsing, please lovelies, do not forget that we don’t all walk around in heels with the perfect background and sunnies. We could be in danger of resembling a cute potato sack in a cut like this if you were to wear trainers.
Inline image 3
Oh.My.Goodness. This is a glorious mix of classy and chic that you can dress up and down! The main struggle I’ve found is getting the right mix between too baggy and too tight and this is just right, de-vine.
Inline image 1
Another winner! Looove this with the leather trousers, mm mmmmm.
Inline image 6
But now we have the arduous task of converting Pinterest into real life… I’ve seen this in New Look a couple of times and it’s only a beautiful 29.99! But it seems to have been a real winner and I can never find my size 😦 Keep your eyeballs peeled people!
Inline image 5
Another new look beaut, cream is chic as it gets 🙂 🙂
I think after my amateur research, I have decided blazer-like elegance is the way to go with the famous layering we all know and love in England! They look gorge with heels and flats, with woollies or tees under, with scarfs and hats and in almost every colour! 
Ding ding ding, we have a winner and I can sleep easy once more.
Please tag us and let us know if you’ve found the perfect coat ladies! Goodness knows we all need some help with these things.
Stay classy, B xx

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