Own that pony tail, work that up-do.

19 Oct

Some things in life are just taken for granted. Let’s take, for example, the ponytail. I don’t think we really appreciate the versatility and thus power of the ponytail.

According to my basic research, ‘estimated time frescoes showed Greek women wearing ponytails in 1600 B.C. Artwork proves that the style was also popular among ancient Egyptian dancers and Roman girls.’ (See http://www.hairessentials.com

So from 1600B.C to 2015 A.D (now), the ponytail has remained. If that’s not timeless and classic, I don’t know what is. 

Let me show you what makes it so amazing. 

It looks good basic…  


And it looks good fancy… 

It looks good brown,   

Or blonde,  
Or both 


Both Grey, 


And ginger.   

With bangs,


With braids,


Or even with bows. 

You can wear it high…  


Or wear it low.


Whether it’s curly


Or straight


It’s seriously fool proof. 





And anywhere in between 


You really can’t go wrong. 

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s flirty, it’s fun. And those are just four reasons why it’s been around so long. Whether you’re running to the shop, heading to work or a party, there’s a pony tail for the occasion. It’s classy and it’s cool. Simple, yet sophisticated. I could go on forever but I’ll let you see for yourself. 

Tag us in your ponytail selfies… And girl, you own that pony tail. Work that up-do.

SJ xo 
Pictures all from Pinterest. 

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