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Coats On My Mind..

26 Oct

I have found myself spending far too much time over the past few weeks browsing for the perfect coat, the struggle is so real! I have been working on getting the coat of my dreams now for, no lie, years.

You know when you see that flawless senorita strutting her stuff down the high street in her paradisiacal winter wear, making class look like the most simple thing in the world with that little smile on her face. I am convinced it’s because she has found happiness within the warm embrace of the perfect coat!
The decisions! Should I try and make puffy cool and bask in my warmth? Should I go blazer-like chic and risk being cold? Should I go long and thin and risk looking like i’m about to bust out the Full Monty?

How can I be expected to make these decisions that can potentially be detrimental to not only my fashion cred, but my happiness and bank balance!
As usual, I have turned to Pinterest, my bessie mate. Here are a few gems I have come across
Inline image 2
There is no denying this little lady looks gorge, but while browsing, please lovelies, do not forget that we don’t all walk around in heels with the perfect background and sunnies. We could be in danger of resembling a cute potato sack in a cut like this if you were to wear trainers.
Inline image 3
Oh.My.Goodness. This is a glorious mix of classy and chic that you can dress up and down! The main struggle I’ve found is getting the right mix between too baggy and too tight and this is just right, de-vine.
Inline image 1
Another winner! Looove this with the leather trousers, mm mmmmm.
Inline image 6
But now we have the arduous task of converting Pinterest into real life… I’ve seen this in New Look a couple of times and it’s only a beautiful 29.99! But it seems to have been a real winner and I can never find my size 😦 Keep your eyeballs peeled people!
Inline image 5
Another new look beaut, cream is chic as it gets 🙂 🙂
I think after my amateur research, I have decided blazer-like elegance is the way to go with the famous layering we all know and love in England! They look gorge with heels and flats, with woollies or tees under, with scarfs and hats and in almost every colour! 
Ding ding ding, we have a winner and I can sleep easy once more.
Please tag us and let us know if you’ve found the perfect coat ladies! Goodness knows we all need some help with these things.
Stay classy, B xx

Own that pony tail, work that up-do.

19 Oct

Some things in life are just taken for granted. Let’s take, for example, the ponytail. I don’t think we really appreciate the versatility and thus power of the ponytail.

According to my basic research, ‘estimated time frescoes showed Greek women wearing ponytails in 1600 B.C. Artwork proves that the style was also popular among ancient Egyptian dancers and Roman girls.’ (See

So from 1600B.C to 2015 A.D (now), the ponytail has remained. If that’s not timeless and classic, I don’t know what is. 

Let me show you what makes it so amazing. 

It looks good basic…  


And it looks good fancy… 

It looks good brown,   

Or blonde,  
Or both 


Both Grey, 


And ginger.   

With bangs,


With braids,


Or even with bows. 

You can wear it high…  


Or wear it low.


Whether it’s curly


Or straight


It’s seriously fool proof. 





And anywhere in between 


You really can’t go wrong. 

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s flirty, it’s fun. And those are just four reasons why it’s been around so long. Whether you’re running to the shop, heading to work or a party, there’s a pony tail for the occasion. It’s classy and it’s cool. Simple, yet sophisticated. I could go on forever but I’ll let you see for yourself. 

Tag us in your ponytail selfies… And girl, you own that pony tail. Work that up-do.

SJ xo 
Pictures all from Pinterest. 

I still love a good backpack…

12 Oct

I love my handbags.. And I’m very fussy with which ones I like .. But while abroad on recent adventures, I tried for the first time a backpack!! Now we’ve all seen backpacks around and some aren’t our favourite .. But I had a snoop around recent collections at my favourite stores and I found some that I really like. I also tried to keep the price down .. We all love a good bargain! 

So here is my variety of styles.. I hope you find something you like! 


I’m a big fan of lots of pockets.. And I love things white and cream.. Unfortunately I’m a bit messy and would probs let this get dirty toooooo quick.. But I’m getting better!!! £27 is a BARG! Although I haven’t tried Yonis before! So let me know how it goes ?! 


I LOVE this.. Beautiful and simple. And this colour is perfect for every season! Quite simply..I LOVE IT.


Also .. If you’re a staple black handbag fan.. Then this is simple with a cheeky bit of edge. Love the chain! 


This cute backpack from accessorize covers a lot of styles .. And I know a lot of you will love it! 


Tassels are my FAVOURITE!!! I love this.. And it’s down to £31?! Yes pleaseeeeee!!! 


I think this is a cute alternative colour.. And I love the pattern on the pockets! 

Another simple elegant bag.. This could be office fashion but also great for casual days too.. It’s also staple black. A winner really.. 


This one is cheap and edgy.. For those of you who like something that stands out more.. 
So have any of you got backpacks? Have you found some shopping that you love?! Send us your pictures by using the hashtag #dailyrubies 

We love you all! 

Love J xxxx 

SPACEOVER .. Give your space a makeover..

5 Oct

A thought came to me the other day as I am looking for a new job at the mo. Grey plastic trays, dusty, broken keyboards and and stacks of paper threatening to topple over and drown you in a river of boring paperwork isn’t exactly a haven for inspiration or ingredients for a productive workflow is it ladies, can I get an amen! For me, organising and being happy with what the space around you looks like is almost, or just as important as working on what you look like. Whats around you gives you ideas, inspires and excites you and gives you the drive to work harder. 

With winter looming around the corner I love finding little things to do to keep you happy about having to be inside more! Whether it’s your office, homework/study desk, cubicle or inspiration station, it deserves a makeover too! And after much experience, being happy with where you work or go to come up with your next genius plan, makes all the difference. If a little something can make you smile while writing that 3000 word essay, whether it’s your new sparkly pen or spanking fresh note pad, its worth it am I right!? I know some of us might be restricted with what we’re allowed to do at work but even a revamp of your pen, mug, paperclip and coaster collection can work wonders! 

I am an absolute sucker for browsing the stationary/home decor isles of every shop going, and of course, my frenimy, pinterest! (frenemy because I love it but it makes me want to climb into one of my boards and live in my perfect pinterest world, it’s a love hate relationship!) Anyway I was browsing one of my absolute new fave shops, The Range, the other day and saw some gorgeous and reasonably priced little things that could transform a dull workplace into your personalised sanctuary of colour and happiness 😉

I hope you give this a try and get those creative juices flowing! let us know how you go! for these bad boys but I would try eBay and amazon too! 

I challenge anyone not to smile when they see glittery anything! These cute cup coasters are from ShopBop but looks like a fun DIY project too 🙂

Loads of mega cute ideas on here, the garland is from easy but again, get your DIY on! Having cute family pics up is a must for me, always a guaranteed smile 🙂

Have pictures of things that inspire you! If you want to travel the world or work internationally, have a picture of the world up to remind and inspire you to push harder, cute canvases of your fave quotes and fun cushions always brighten ones day too! 

Just remember.. Style extends to more than just fashion. When we make changes to our environment we can change our motivation, attitude and relationships. 

Have an amazeballs week. Love B xoxo
(REPOST Pictures from Pinterest)