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Out with the NEW and in with the OLD?

28 Sep

Out with the [NEW] and in with 

the [OLD]?

Last night I found the perfect quote to sum up what I’ve learnt over the past few weeks;

You see, fashion is what is offered to you throughout the four seasons of the year. Style is what you do with what you buy – or even, what you already own. Anyone can buy fashion, in fact every one can buy the same fashion. But only you can create your own style and pull it off the way you do.  

Let me give you a few personal examples; 

“My New Coat.”

Remember when I told you all about the Debenhams offer and how a new coat was at the top of my ‘to buy’ list? Well, the truth is, it only made its way there when I saw a variety of gorgeous coats coming into all the shops. I didn’t need a new coat – heck, I don’t even have space in my wardrobe for another one! Of course I still went and tried a load on and made a purchase, it was maroon and had a detachable fur collar… #winning! The problem is that when I put it on to wear to work the next morning, it just didn’t look good. Like, at all. I ended up pulling my old, black, fur collared coat out and wearing that instead. It looked and felt a lot better. I’ll return that new coat tomorrow (of course I took a photo in it for you first.) 

“My new dress”

Another one to be returned. When trying this dress on in store, I thought ‘this is cool, this is fashionable, this will be great to use on the blog!’ WRONG. Once I put it on again at home, I saw that really it was much too long and didn’t fit my body right – and let’s face it, no item of clothing is cool, fashionable or blog worthy when it does nothing for your figure. From the side it looked okay (hense the picture being a side view – with the slit too!) but I can’t side step all day! Somehow I still fell into the trap of thinking ‘well, maybe I just need new shoes to make it work. Perhaps, a new chunky necklace or better yet, a scarf?’ If only I had the money for all of that! Luckily I was saved yesterday when I wore a 3 year old dress (an old favourite of mine) to church that made me realise that sometimes you just can’t beat a classic! 

Lastly, “ My new sleeveless jacket”

I basically got carried away in the excitement of having money left over at the end of last month and bought everything that caught my eye. I still love this brown fur/black knitted back gilet (especially the price!) but with a trip to Barcelona, Christmas and my Au/NZ/Tahiti Adventure coming up, I figured it didn’t look good enough to justify the expenditure. I wanted to wear it with my new camel polo neck top but instead, I wore that with an old sheep skin effect jacket that’s so old, I couldn’t actually tell you how long I’ve had it!   


   Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fashion and it continues to inspire me. The variety, constant change and evolution of it will always excite me. But what also excites me is being able to resurrect old clothes so I can be fashionable, work my own style and still have a bit of money left in the bank.

And as Marc Jacob says anyway;

Don’t forget to upload your #ootd and tag us @dailyrubies & #morepreciousthanrubies . We especially want to see you rocking your old faithfuls this week! 
Love, hugs & fairy dust

SJ xo 
Maroon Coat. £59 Redherring @ Debenhams

Terracotta Dress £30 H&M

Brown Fur Gilet £30 H&M 

BALL(in) .. Not once.. Not twice .. 

21 Sep

But 3 times!!  Cinderella would be so jealous. Just 2 weekends .. And 3 balls. That’s a lot of dresses!! It was fun to dress up.. Some more formal than others. 

We thought we’d upload some of our dresses! 

Hannah on the very left is wearing a dress from Mint Velvet, a shop with some stunning dresses! You can search their dresses if you.. Click here!  

Becky wearing the white dress got her dress made on an eBay shop.. If you’re intrestred check her out on eBay. It’s seller ‘nini.lady’ .. She adjusts dresses she has .. With sleeves or whatever you like! 


Me on the right, I got my hands on an old prom dress at a charity shop and took some black net material and just went crazy on the sewing machine! My college textiles days paid off! My main idea of the night was the the slickback ‘Kim Kardashian’ style hair.. You can find a ton of tutorials for this and it’s so easy, I found an easy quick video to follow.. Click here to watch it!

Soph twisted her idea of ‘masquarade ball’ by buying a simple black catsuit, and adding a sheer black skirt. She made her own leather bow and looks INCREDIBLE! See below for more pictures… 



For our ball in Oxford we both picked up nice dresses.. Mine was a bargain at £16.99 at TK MAXX .. It had the most incredible knee high slit on the side.. And soph got hers from Debenhams! 

While we were in Oxford, you might have seen we did some street spotting.. If you didn’t go to @dailyrubies on Instagram to see some of their dresses!