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Sunday Funday ❤️

31 Aug


Today was an emotional day. After two years, five months, two weeks and two days we have finally been reunited! Two missions and a gap year later we are finally back in each others arms and loving life 🙂 What a blessing it is to have such amazing friends and family that make it so hard to be apart from one another.

For years now we have loved dressing up and finding priceless bargs together and Sunday’s are one of our fave days to whack out our Sunday best and strut our stuff! Here Jess is sporting a gorgeous dress originally from M&S that she bought from Molly’s Den, a cornucopia of vintage second hand gems, for £10! (Search Molly’s Den on Google to find your nearest one, you won’t regret it!) Soph has on H&M top and bottom and is looking luuuush! H&M have some absolutely lush pieces at the mo at really affordable prices, just rummage through the million rails and don’t get dismayed! Bec on the right bought that spotty little number from a delish little shop in a beach town in Australia called Byron Bay, two amazing women bought so many dresses and fixed them up, re-hemmed them and added the elastic around waist to make them more flattering and divine! It set her back $60 which is only a mere £30 ish! Never be intimidated by vintage and charity shops, they often have questionable carpets, a scary amount of rails and colours but there are always hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, altered transformed and shown off! so don’t give up!! Tag us to show us your op shop bargs!! 



Summer is ending..

28 Aug

and I love this jumper dress in ASOS!!! I think I might have to get myself one of them…  

Product code 632841 £40 ASOS. 
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