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Mission Outfits!

30 Sep

Cute Sister Missionary Outfit Ideas!

Hermana Dunne

So here are just a few of the outfits I’ve put together for my mission. I have probably 6 more skirts and a lot more shirts and cardigans and scarves and whatnot that I didn’t try on… I just got tired of changing (; But here are just a few of the many outfits I’ve put together and where I got them! (:


➳ don’t shop before you get your call. trust me. you’ll regret it. plus, you never know what fits over G’s… even if it looks modest. 

➳ COLOR SCHEME yourself. one of the things that helped me the most when I went shopping was deciding what colors I wanted to stick with. I’m not a brown/red/fall colors type of girl… so I decided to stick with a few accent colors like blue, green, coral and mustard, with black and gray as my sort of… default

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Just Opened Your Mission Call..

26 Sep

Just Opened Your Mission Call..

for those girlies in USA wanting to look cute on their mission instead of amish.. just found this blogpost!


A message from my friend Janet. Please reblog!

25 Sep

A message from my friend Janet. Please reblog!

For a year now I have watched myself go from being modest to picking and choosing when I wanted to be modest. It gradually got worse and worse to the point where I didn’t think items were immodest when I bought them!
I sat there one day as I read my yw booklet and patriarchal blessing and realised that I what was happening wasn’t right, I know that I need to be an example to girls around me and being modest is part of that.
I worked hard for my yw medallion and modesty was a big part! It shouldn’t be this hard it should be easier. There was a time when I wanted to be a designer and to design modest clothing so what changed? If I am going to live the gospel I need to make sure I am living it in every way! I wear a band on my hand that says I know it I live it and I love it so I should be doing exactly that in everyway!
It has taken me a while to actually do this but I have had this feeling for awhile now and It is finally time!
I decided to do something big something significant so I am BURNING all clothing that I can’t make modest! I know I could sell it or give it away but I don’t want to pass on immodest clothing to others. This is outrageous and pretty big but i have with the help of good friends decided to start a movement for all yw out there so please go into your closet and find anything you can’t make modest and cut or burn it! Post your pictures or videos #ifyoucan’tmakeitmodestburnit! Join our facebook page. #ifyoucan’tmakeitmodestburnit!


19 Sep

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Hello Autumn…

17 Sep

So I think this might be my fav season, no lies. But here we have my fav youtube girls, and make up.. what more could you possibly want.

Sugar Kills, 6 “Healthy” Foods With More Sugar Than a Krispy Kreme Donut

17 Sep



Insta Fashion

17 Sep

Insta Fashion

We got 500 followers today on Daily Rubies – The ladies fashion instagram page. 

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We Have A Miley Cyrus Problem

12 Sep

here, here.


5 Sep








Resort 2013

4 Sep

His jacket looks sick with his suit.