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Olay, Olay . It’s a happy holiday GOOD MORNING AMERICA!

22 Jul

Ollay Ollay It’s a happy holiday!


So I’m out in Florida, and wanted to back track a little and share my holiday essentials! I don’t know about you but a few days before holiday (Friday at work for me) I start to panic and right a whole list out of things I need to remember for my holiday. I write everything from Hair clips to Bras to what shoes I wanna take. Then as I am packing I try on all my outfits to minimalist my suitcase ( I always plan to leave enough room for some buys while out wherever I am) !
SO this holiday is a hot one.. my list included all the sunglasses and what not.. the usual but I wanted to share with you extras!! !
First.. I bought Dove Gradual Tan Moisturiser! I’ll let you know how that goes.. I normally use Johnsons.



I bought a new serum called ‘Inhibitif’ which is meant to make your hair growth less and less until one day you could permanently not have any hair on whatever part you choose to apply the cream (I thought going on a mission this would be fab as I need to have my legs out every day in a skirt! ) , It’s the new alternative to all these expensive IPL sessions and what not.
 (I’ve started a blog on this so watch out ! 🙂 )




I also went to TK Maxx (WHICH I HATE – SUCH A JUMBLE SALE) , and bought a cute one piece swimsuit for the water parks we might go to when we are out there. – Don’t wanna flash my bits. So happy that  managed to find something!



Check these one pieces on ASOS.. in love.. if I had more time def would have ordered some of these!!











I haven’t got much spare dollar at the moment but I also bought some make up and bits and bobs of shoes. (Will do separate blog for make up).



My new FAV pair of heels are these red ones from New Look, I love this stroppy style and I totes want them in every single colour!!! I love them.







They are 17.99 in store atm!


You can also get them from ebay, and loads of high street shops sell them atm. (New Look is just what was in town).



Holiday essentials that I hadn’t invested in but were a MUST take are my Fringe top – perfect summery feel.



I also love my print dresses and skirts for evening meals and drinks.. love it!!!
(See my midi dress blog for some print dress ideas. )
What are your favourite holiday essentials? Tag @dailyrubies for ladies. and @dailyroughdiamonds lads.









‘Mishrobe’ by Libby Mace

9 Jul

soooooooooooooo. I am so excited for this blog post because me and Libby Mace have been chatting about the fact we both have recently decided to serve missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!! (If you don’t know about this..please search here ( ..

but anyway.. she has written a blog post for me.. wahhoooo here we go…

this is me.

1063217_10201073177207699_1528155236_n - Copy

i’ve never been one to blog. i’m one of those who will buy a journal, try my very hardest to write my very neatest for the first, maybe second entry, vow to write in it everyday, and then without fail, completely forget the thing even existed. in fact, if i’d have put every penny i spent on various journals together, i would probably have a good chunk of my mission fund saved. but here goes!

1057510_10201073177367703_1853916321_n - Copy

I may be anxiously preparing for a mission, but i’m not about to hand in some of my all time faves for 18 months of dressing like the Amish.



if i’m going to go out, i’m going to do it in style. quite literally.


I absolutely LOVE these classy & cute, yet incredibly comfortable outfit combos! (perfect for a busy day of rounding up the troops of the kingdom!)

1057913_10201073177647710_1850985815_n - Copy



1069093_10201073177287701_438412369_n - Copy

you’d think making the decision to serve a full time mission (with the possibility of being called to where like russia..) would be one of life’s trickiest. and it is. but, throw in the decision of choosing a new foundation once your trusty and seemingly irreplaceable one has not only ran out, but has been discontinued; i’d face the mission decision any day. so here’s to help a sista out.



i swear by this foundation, or ‘face’ as i call it. you have the choice of it being suitable for dry or oily skin, with the added bonus of body shop keeping the classics going forever, you’ll rarely have to spend hours trying





972213_10201073230289026_716834493_non shade & texture and you can skip the attractive blotchy hand too. top it off with this priceless (although slightly overpriced) powder by Bare Minerals and you’ll be on your way, keeping it quick & classy.



i’m slowly accepting that sticking to the comfortable footwear is going to make my mission 12 times more enjoyable/bearable. when it comes to tracting at all hours of the day, the popular saying ‘no pain, no gain’ can definitely take a hike. but, if you ever find me in anything resembling these bad boys.. you know, the type that should be sold with an age requirement..




please, feel free to tackle me to the floor and tear them off. pronto.

however.. i love these cute, classy & massively comfortable options!




i guess that’s what my ‘mishdrobe’ look is. classy,

cute & comfortable.



Stay classy San Diego. 😉




HEMP Hand Oil .. In love

4 Jul

HEMP Hand Oil .. In love

So.. just a quick one today, wanted to share with you one of my favourite products..
I think it is because of my hand wash we have in the loo’s at work.. but my hands DRY OUT, to the max. Hate it. BUT

this is my life saver! One small drop of this oil and my hands feel like they are smoother than a babys bum.

This particular oil is for really dry skin.. and I like using that ( buy here

for only £7.00 !!! )

But if your scared of the oil.. try the hand protector (like a moisturizer ) which is still fan-tabolous! (But that here for
£5.00 for 30ml
£10.00 for 100ml
DEFFO GO 100ml!! )

Get on that site now!

Lots of love xoxo

Flat Sandals and Yankee Candles

3 Jul

Soooo.. two things that have been playing on my mind and they rhyme! So why not.. ha!

So England finally feels like its warming up (bar today and yesterday) – we are expected a heatwave this weekend WOOO! Hope the rest of the world are enjoying just as much sun. So first off.. I needed some new Flat Sandals and I don’t know why.. but I am SOOO fussy with them, I look everywhere and never seem to find THE ONES yano.

I’m on a budget, and New Look is just in town for me from work – and I found some results! I ended up buying the nude coloured metal bar sandals which were a BARG, but check some other styles I really like. I love the metal mix – so included my ones, some ones with Spike Charms (IN LOVE WITH THESE) and also I quite like the look of these tie up ones!



If I had the legs, or my name was Kourtney Kardashian, I would be all over wearing some of her famous high gladiator sandals. Does anyone know where you can get some of these?


Anyway #dailyrubies on instagram and show me YOUR summer sandals.!!


And just a conclusion, there is nothing better than a bubble bath in the dark with candles and check out these new flavours that Yankee has introduced! I am particularly interested in the Salted Caramel (my fav type of choc :P) .. so get on the webby and buy buy buy!



Lots of Love oxoxo


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