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RUBIES: Makeover Essentials – new in the UK?

25 Mar

Happy Monday gals and guys (think this is more of a girls post)…

anyway, whatever floats ya’ boat, so Saturday I went for a nice lunch and treated my beautiful mother! (We had a Nando’s .. do love a Nando’s) and then we did a small spot of shopping. I don’t have much money but I wanted to get some essentials before I hit the mountains this week!! (brrrr!) As I was walking out of a shop, a stall caught my eye with a young American girl saying something about discount and make up, and I was like a fly and a light.

Turns out Cosmopolitan have sponsored this brand to come over and try it in the UK since they were getting pretty good in the US. They say they compete with other brands such as Bobbi Brown and that.. but they are mineral based so that is the difference.

I was hesitant because it looked like a lot of crappy lip stuff that you had as a 12 year old, and you still have barely touched and they are lurking in the bottom of you make up box, but because it was such a good deal I was like.. sure! I didn’t have high hopes for the products but they are actually alright, but I won’t go into much detail – they aren’t worth what they will be selling them for. For the same price you can get actual high branded make up! I quite like the lip plumping ones but they don’t feel like they have much in, and  I like the eye shadow and blusher but again like I said, if it was on full price I would never buy it. I love my body shop and Benefit etc more! Wayyyy more.

Here are some pictures of the stuff..

image[4] image[5] image[6] image[3] image[2] image[1] image

I thought that the compact box was pretty nifty, and you can take it through an airport, so I will probably use it for that!


Love xoxo



21 Mar


Found this little beauty on Pinterest.



21 Mar


Come on Springgggg, it’s nearly here! Unleash those colour’s to make the sun smile. I realy love skirts at the moment, I promise I will try harder to wear them! (I always opt for a dress normally when I’m going away or need something). What are you favourite skirts? What do you wear them with? Tag @dailyrubies on instagram or @newfashionfury on twitter.

Kisses Jessica Beaux oxox

Welcome to New Fashion Fury!

19 Mar

So I’ve been MIA.. getting my head aroung what should be where.. and what should be named this that and the other. I think ‘New Fashion Fury’ is a love hate thing, but it’s only the outer name for my two pages ‘More Precious Than Rubies’ and ‘Diamonds In The Rough’. New Fashion Fury is the name I first came up with when I had the idea, so it’s nice to have that as a reminder too! So.. here I am. ‘Jessica Beaux’ , my blogging name. I’ve got some exciting blogs on their way to you, and also a new partner in the crime of blogging who I am truely excited to introduce to you!

But here you have it, I hope you enjoy it! I am going to try and copy over some of the old blogs. All of the boys are girls will come on the same feed but I know you like to read eachothers, please comment, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at ‘’ .. I know it says dailyrubies but it’s for both. Daily rubies just came first.


Lots of love

xoxo Jessica Beaux