BALANCED for 2016..

6 Jan

I don’t usually write anything about Apps but I just want to share with you one of my favourite apps that I have downloaded on my phone. I use an iPhone but I’m sure the same app, or something similar will be available on android and so forth.. 
It’s called ‘Balanced’ and it’s just what you need this New Year! It looks smooth and modern (I have a real pet hate for old fashioned looking apps) and you can customise it! 

BASICALLY you can add things you want to do, how often, and choose a little app to represent it.. For example.. ‘Gym – 3 times – every week’ and ‘ Budget & Money Review – 1 time – every month’ and whatever you want.. And they all go onto your ‘Balance’ list. You click the app and swipe right to say you’ve done it and HEY PRESTO. 

You can set it to remind you when you’re late.. And it will keep track of how balanced you are. I’m slacking recently .. But January is the month for Self Improvement! 

So is there a few things you can’t seem to find time to do because you’re on Netflix or you’re scrolling Facebook too much?! Get this for a a couple quid and start making a list .. Gym, Read, Play an Instrument, Watch a TED talk, Meditate etc.. 

I highly recommend it. Get it now in App Stores near you (just kidding.. It’s a click away on your phone!!).

Love Jessica xx

Chalk Sensation!

21 Dec

 I was doing my boring routinely house clean last week and I happily came across this pack of 32 hair chalks the hubby got me for Christmas last year! (I don’t know why he felt the need to buy soo many but it means more playing for me!)

I was throwing a surprise birthday party for him that evening so I decided to go crazy and try one out. I love having a fun change and hey, why not 🙂

Hair chalks are perf for a temporary bit of fun without being stuck with bright blue hair or running the risk of it going the complete wrong colour or worse… patchy! I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had my fair share of bad hair experiences when you’re 15 ish and it’s a fun Friday night activity to bleach your hair with a £5 boots own jobby! I’ve sported orange, black, patchy, stripy, the works! Also for those of you who are in school/workplaces that wouldn’t be thrilled if you turned up rocking bright pink hair then this is for you!

Anyway after a little research I have found that you can use hair chalks on any hair type and colour which is awesome! If you have darker hair dampen your hair first or what I did for a really vibrant colour was actually run the chalk under the tap then colour your hair with it, then it comes out kind of like paint. Although if you are pretty blonde like yours truly, if you do dampen your hair/the chalk first, be warned it will stain for like, 3/4 washes! But I loved it, it was fun that it gradually faded out 🙂 I found it easiest to pick out individual pieces of hair and start from the top to make sure it’s all covered, when it dries you can gently brush it so that it all blends together or just shake your head a bit so it falls nicely together. Make sure you check the back and sides with a mirror so you don’t end up like Cruella Deville! Unless that’s what you’re going for 😀

I just went for a cheeky pinky/purple all over (that’s me below in the pics with the birthday cake and with the green jumper on at the beach!) but I’ve found these amazeballs pictures below where people have done more multi coloured/ombre looks which I am absolutely loving, deffo going to try that next time! Let’s be honest, I’m not running low! If you slightly backcomb the hair where you want to blend multi colours, it will blend much easier so it’s not just one straight line. Press very lightly when blending the colours and it’ll be beaut! 

Sam got these badboys from Ebay and they were only a reasonably £6 for all of them! I know they sell them occasionally in shops such as Boots, Superdrug and Primark but good old Ebay is there for you 24/7 so I would definitely recommend these ones for value and ease!

We would love to see pictures of any creations you lovlies come up with! Send them in and hashtag #DailyRubies!  


To keep or not to keep, that is the question. 

7 Dec

If you didn’t already know, December is one of the best months for a wardrobe clear out, and this can be for a number of reasons. 

Perhaps you need to make room for the clothes you’re getting for Christmas, or maybe you’re planning to indulge in the January sales or even it could be that, like me, you have to finally take your dresses out of your younger brother’s wardrobe (oops!) 

Whatever the reason, do it now! 

I know, it’s a long, arduous task, often a trip down memory lane too. It can even get emotional if you’ve gotten too attached to your five year old jeans. Nevertheless, it needs to be done. 

My problem has always been striking the balance between being ruthless and being, quite frankly, irrational. You don’t want to spend hours sorting through your wardrobe for it to still be full or even worse, that it’s completely empty and you have to wear the very outfit you wore when clearing it out for the next month (which usually is pyjamas or sweats right? Ugh!) 

Tonight as I went through the dresses that have indeed been lodging in my younger brother’s wardrobe for atleast a year now, I asked myself the following questions to help me decide; 

1). Does it fit? 
2). Is it modest? 
3). Have I worn it in the last 3 months? 
4). Have I worn it in the last 6 months? 
5). Do I have an occasion OR specific accessories/jackets etc to go with this item? 

Let me explain a little bit why. 

1). Does it fit? 
My weight has fluctuated my entire life. I AM that person that says ‘I’ll keep this for when I’ve lost weight again’ – even when I’ve already said that at least 6 times! Sometimes we just need to accept and embrace our body and wear clothes that fit and flatter! Or when you’ve lost weight and something’s too big you think ‘it’ll be okay with a belt’ … NO! Wearing clothes that are too big will make it easier to fill them out again. Plus, what better way to celebrate your weight loss than with a new, fancy dress to show off your great new figure?

2). Is it modest? 
Modest clothes, thankfully, are becoming more accessible… IF you search for them! Often, we keep immodest clothes that we intend to ‘make modest’ to wear but the reality is, with a choice of a dress that’s modest or a dress that you have to alter and layer to make modest, you’re always going to go for the easier, comfier and more ‘it’s meant to be like this’ piece that doesn’t require extra effort. Of course, if it’s going to be simple to make it modest, keep it! Sometimes a jacket or sleeve can enhance rather than destroy a trend. (Keep an eye out for my post in 3 weeks about simple ways to make clothing modest!) 

3). Have I worn it in the last 3 months? 
3 months is probably the longest you should go without wearing something – I mean nobody has 90 shirts to rotate through right? (If you do, please share!) If you have worn the item within three months then keep it, you’ll wear it in the next couple of months too. If you haven’t, head straight to question four. 

4). Have I worn it in the last 6 months? 
Ladies, if the answer is no, just let it go! If you haven’t worn it within 6 months, it obviously doesn’t fit, isn’t modest or you simply just don’t like it very much. Don’t feel bad, it doesn’t have feelings so it won’t be offended, just throw it out! If you have worn it within the last 6 months, give it one month to be worn – if it doesn’t make it out of the wardrobe, then you know it’s time to take it out permanently. 
5). Do I have accessories/jackets etc to go with this item? 
There’s not much worse than having a beautiful blouse or skirt or dress but nothing to wear it with! No matter how gorgeous the item is, it will cause more frustration and disappointment than it’s worth. 
Here of some pictures of how many dresses I managed to get rid of using these questions… As well as how much clothing I still have left! 

(To go) 

(To stay) – just need to find room for these in my actual wardrobe!! 
I feel refreshed and ready for a more stylish, more modest, more refined new year! 
Love always, 
SJ xo 

P.s -> don’t forget that any good quality clothes you’re getting rid of can now earn you money too! Check out our second hand clothing page
P.p.s -> for your rejects that aren’t fit for selling, please still get in touch! We can use them to raise money for ‘Tumaini’s Childrens Charity’ which sponsors a school in Kenya! To find out more, click this link

NEW Clothes Swap!! 

30 Nov

We all have clothes we are bored of right?! That’s why we want to introduce to you our new second hand clothes site where you can buy second hand & vintage items (and things that will be modest or easily made modest). 

So where did we get this crazy idea? 

As a trio, we used to spend weekends getting together and doing crazy things but a Saturday morning was always dedicated to going to the local charity shop (Discoveries in a little place called Yateley was our fav!) and digging out hidden gems. Sometimes we would find the perfect vintage items, sometimes things that needed a little work and inspired us and sometimes recent trends that people were throwing. But last season is SO this season. Vintage and Second Hand clothing is actually a huge trend now! After a little research we realised the Vintage Fashion world has been becoming increasingly popular over the past 20 years.. Some top models and celebrities have been seen rocking vintage peices and we’ve jumped on the bandwagon! The trends have even extended to furniture – and we aren’t just talking ‘vintage’ we are talking just second hand furniture and upcycling. Why not save a few pennies and wear second hand clothes and do-up second hand furniture .. One woman’s junk.. Is another woman’s treasure!! We’ve been clothes swapping amongst us 3 for 10 years now! 

SOOOO.. We have a plan! A HUGE CLOTHES SWAPPING SITE.. Basically an online, second hand clothes site, where you can buy things that pick your fancy for low prices.. Expensive things.. And cheap things and everything in between!  Our site will include a feature that if you have some good quality items of any style that are modest or easily layered to be modest we will buy them off you, and sell them at our page (

More Precious Than Rubies – New & Second Hand Clothing Trade

Please contact us at or at our individual Facebook Mail accounts if you have items you’d like to swap and trade! 

We think this is a great idea for us to save money, share our modest fashion finds and share our style! So take a look at the page and the ideas and over the next few weeks we will upload the hundreds of items we already have in stock! Just make sure you become a member of the page so you can see what items are going for sale. 

We love you all! 


18 Nov

Firstly apologies for this weeks post being a little late, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself on my sick bed being spoon fed veggies and stroked on the head by my lovely hubby!
I feel it’s only right to dedicate this weeks post to the recent tragic goings on all over the world. I’m not going to lie it absolutely knocked me for six when I saw the news and heard about everything that has been happening, it’s all too easy to get dragged down into a state of horror and insecurity with so much evil in the world around us but what has struck me is the absolute tidal wave of positivity that has sprung from these hideous events. Just last night as I was curled up with a lemsip in hand, I found myself balling my little eyes out scrolling through all the videos and tributes on my newsfeed. The love, support and bravery shown by people all over the world has touched my heart and given me a reaffirmed strength and belief of the good all around us. What I have learned over the last day or two is a renewed sense of respect, love and bravery. We are blessed to have such wonderful people in the world to show us such incredible examples of strength and bravery. Keep the faith girls and look for the good! Don’t let the haters get you down x

Pretty Poppies 

9 Nov

Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have purchased and worn a poppy. Now, at 22 years old, I’ve realised that I had no idea why. Probably just because it looks smart, right? I mean yeah, I knew it was associated with the War (which one though?) and I did it out of respect and gratitude towards the soldiers. But I definitely didn’t know where exactly my money would. 
This year as I stood outside Sainsbury’s selling poppies – again, out of an ignorant willingness to help, I decided I should probably know why I was really doing it. 

‘Bloomsbury News Blog’ says; 

‘Poppies are red flowers which usually only grow on land which has been disturbed. Poppy seeds can lie in the ground for years but will only blossom when the land is torn apart. During World War I, there were many battles in Northern France and Flanders (western Belgium) and most of the buildings, roads and even trees disappeared. However, every year when the weather started to get warm, poppies grew in the fields where battles were taking place and they brought colour and hope to the soldiers who were still fighting. Poppies have become a symbol of our remembrance of those who lost their lives in wars and people wear them to show that they are remembering. A charity called the ‘Poppy Appeal’ was set up by the Royal British Legion to raise money for people whose lives have been affected by war.’ 

Now, poppies are a symbol of hope. A testimony to me that amongst our trials, there are blessings. That despite the trauma throughout the world, there is beauty. 

The money itself goes towards programmes such as; care homes, poppy calls, breaks for the families of military officers, war pensions and compensation service and the battle back centre. All of these aim to strengthen and support current and retired members of the armed forces along with their families. To find out more about any of them, visit 

& now, what does this have to do with a fashion blog? Well, look at the varieties of poppy merchandise you can use to accessorise any outfit! 


You’ve still got a couple of days to support the cause this year. Poppies are available to purchase at most supermarkets and convenience stores. All donations are appreciated – no merchandise is specially priced although reasonable donations should be given.
How will you wear your poppy with pride? 

Love, SJ xo 


2 Nov

There is a billion things going through my mind today.. including the fact I started a NEW JOB! I’m back in the office and that means I can dress up!! SO .. expect a blog about that in a few weeks.. 
TODAY .. I wanted to reflect about how I used my time while being unemployed. So I got back from being abroad as a missionary for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and coming home I was on the job hunt.. but it proved so much harder than I imagined!! Whilst searching (those painful hours of applying for work online), I picked up a hobby – Up-cycling old furniture!! It has been so fun! .. AND it’s not stopping, I am carrying on in my evenings and on weekends. It brings in extra cash, it keeps me off too much screen time, and it is so therapeutic! The first few times I had to drag myself out to the garage to start, but now I am on a roll and I have done a fair few little projects! 
I’ve been using a lot of chalk paint – because you don’t have to use primer and I love the effect!! You can double layer – (one colour underneath, and one on top, and then distress – really nice with black underneath!), you can just buy a block colour and coat it off with wax to get a modern chic look, you can paint drawers, chairs, bathroom cabinets! The choices are endless, and if its not going to be bashed around too much, then top it off with wax (my favourite) and VOILA!
 Here are some recent projects of mine.. 

This was given to me free! I just sanded down a few grooves, slapped on some delicious green paint and got a beautiful new knob at the range and how cute is this little side table now?!  

I got this chair for £2 at the dump. I ripped off the material and sanded it down.. That took some time. But after painting it. I distressed it with a blue top coat. It’s now a beautiful statement chair! 

This one was a dump buy again £2, with a lick of paint and some new knobs at the range this is now a cute cupboard for a tasteful bathroom or even in another room! 

I’ll have to keep you updated with my next projects.. I’ve got a huge piece that I’m currently working on! A big unit with basket drawers! It’ll be AMAZING once finished.. 

So my message to you today.. is DO IT! Those of you who wanted to do some pieces of furniture.. go to the dump.. buy something, do it up! If it’s not up cycling you want to do.. do that! Give yourself an hour to do it, DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE! 
I wish you a happy week ahead ladies and gents. 
Love Jessica xxxx

Coats On My Mind..

26 Oct

I have found myself spending far too much time over the past few weeks browsing for the perfect coat, the struggle is so real! I have been working on getting the coat of my dreams now for, no lie, years.

You know when you see that flawless senorita strutting her stuff down the high street in her paradisiacal winter wear, making class look like the most simple thing in the world with that little smile on her face. I am convinced it’s because she has found happiness within the warm embrace of the perfect coat!
The decisions! Should I try and make puffy cool and bask in my warmth? Should I go blazer-like chic and risk being cold? Should I go long and thin and risk looking like i’m about to bust out the Full Monty?

How can I be expected to make these decisions that can potentially be detrimental to not only my fashion cred, but my happiness and bank balance!
As usual, I have turned to Pinterest, my bessie mate. Here are a few gems I have come across
Inline image 2
There is no denying this little lady looks gorge, but while browsing, please lovelies, do not forget that we don’t all walk around in heels with the perfect background and sunnies. We could be in danger of resembling a cute potato sack in a cut like this if you were to wear trainers.
Inline image 3
Oh.My.Goodness. This is a glorious mix of classy and chic that you can dress up and down! The main struggle I’ve found is getting the right mix between too baggy and too tight and this is just right, de-vine.
Inline image 1
Another winner! Looove this with the leather trousers, mm mmmmm.
Inline image 6
But now we have the arduous task of converting Pinterest into real life… I’ve seen this in New Look a couple of times and it’s only a beautiful 29.99! But it seems to have been a real winner and I can never find my size 😦 Keep your eyeballs peeled people!
Inline image 5
Another new look beaut, cream is chic as it gets 🙂 🙂
I think after my amateur research, I have decided blazer-like elegance is the way to go with the famous layering we all know and love in England! They look gorge with heels and flats, with woollies or tees under, with scarfs and hats and in almost every colour! 
Ding ding ding, we have a winner and I can sleep easy once more.
Please tag us and let us know if you’ve found the perfect coat ladies! Goodness knows we all need some help with these things.
Stay classy, B xx

Own that pony tail, work that up-do.

19 Oct

Some things in life are just taken for granted. Let’s take, for example, the ponytail. I don’t think we really appreciate the versatility and thus power of the ponytail.

According to my basic research, ‘estimated time frescoes showed Greek women wearing ponytails in 1600 B.C. Artwork proves that the style was also popular among ancient Egyptian dancers and Roman girls.’ (See

So from 1600B.C to 2015 A.D (now), the ponytail has remained. If that’s not timeless and classic, I don’t know what is. 

Let me show you what makes it so amazing. 

It looks good basic…  


And it looks good fancy… 

It looks good brown,   

Or blonde,  
Or both 


Both Grey, 


And ginger.   

With bangs,


With braids,


Or even with bows. 

You can wear it high…  


Or wear it low.


Whether it’s curly


Or straight


It’s seriously fool proof. 





And anywhere in between 


You really can’t go wrong. 

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s flirty, it’s fun. And those are just four reasons why it’s been around so long. Whether you’re running to the shop, heading to work or a party, there’s a pony tail for the occasion. It’s classy and it’s cool. Simple, yet sophisticated. I could go on forever but I’ll let you see for yourself. 

Tag us in your ponytail selfies… And girl, you own that pony tail. Work that up-do.

SJ xo 
Pictures all from Pinterest. 

I still love a good backpack…

12 Oct

I love my handbags.. And I’m very fussy with which ones I like .. But while abroad on recent adventures, I tried for the first time a backpack!! Now we’ve all seen backpacks around and some aren’t our favourite .. But I had a snoop around recent collections at my favourite stores and I found some that I really like. I also tried to keep the price down .. We all love a good bargain! 

So here is my variety of styles.. I hope you find something you like! 


I’m a big fan of lots of pockets.. And I love things white and cream.. Unfortunately I’m a bit messy and would probs let this get dirty toooooo quick.. But I’m getting better!!! £27 is a BARG! Although I haven’t tried Yonis before! So let me know how it goes ?! 


I LOVE this.. Beautiful and simple. And this colour is perfect for every season! Quite simply..I LOVE IT.


Also .. If you’re a staple black handbag fan.. Then this is simple with a cheeky bit of edge. Love the chain! 


This cute backpack from accessorize covers a lot of styles .. And I know a lot of you will love it! 


Tassels are my FAVOURITE!!! I love this.. And it’s down to £31?! Yes pleaseeeeee!!! 


I think this is a cute alternative colour.. And I love the pattern on the pockets! 

Another simple elegant bag.. This could be office fashion but also great for casual days too.. It’s also staple black. A winner really.. 


This one is cheap and edgy.. For those of you who like something that stands out more.. 
So have any of you got backpacks? Have you found some shopping that you love?! Send us your pictures by using the hashtag #dailyrubies 

We love you all! 

Love J xxxx